Esta cuenta de Instagram nos demuestra que hacer yoga en la playa es más divertido que tostarse

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Cerca de dos millones de followers sueñan a diario con practicar yoga en las caribeñas playas de Aruba gracias a Rachel Brathen, una mujer de Suecia que cambió Estocolmo y la gran ciudad por la tranquilidad de una isla paradisíaca. ¿Y quién no lo haría? Pero si la vida no nos lo pone fácil, siempre podemos ver su Instagram y soñar con que nos dé una clase en persona y a la orilla del mar.

Su nick, Yoga Girl, no sólo ha batido todos los récords, Rachel Brathen también es una escritora best-seller con su libro Yoga Girl y una mujer que parece haber hecho sus sueños realidad: practicar yoga en un sitio de ensueño e inspirar a los demás con su estilo de vida.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m broken. Not in a sad way, just in an it-is-what-it-is kind of way. Life happened and I’ve adjusted accordingly. We’re all a little bit shattered. Pain and heartache comes our way and with time we develop patterns that we think will protect us… But that only keep us in fear. There are traits in me that aren’t necessarily a part of who I am, but that surface as a result of what I’ve seen in this lifetime. For instance: I have a huge fear of abandonment. Since my parents separation when I was two, my stepfather’s death when I was four, my mothers suicide attempts that followed and every divorce, trauma and death I’ve experienced since.. Sometimes makes me act a bit strange in relationships. I have to be continuously mindful of what’s real and what’s fear. I’m scared of being left out. I’m controlling – I want things to happen my way, and I often assume things are going to go wrong if I’m not in charge. I micromanage everything. I expect people to fail me, or disappoint me, or leave me… So they often do. It’s instilled in me since I was a little girl that “if I don’t do it on my own we’re not going to survive” and I can be assertive to the point of coming off as bitchy. I don’t trust easily, and I don’t give second chances. I’m messy. I’m emotional. I love hard and get upset about little things. I take everything personally. I want to fix everyone, even if they’re not broken. I want the world to be whole because that means I am. So much of what how I feel and act is connected to the past. Part of my journey is figuring out what is truly a part of me, what brings my light out into the world, and what’s baggage masquerading as personality. What’s action, and what’s reaction? Am I moving with love or with fear? The only way to make peace with who you are is to make peace with your past. Explore your childhood. Your history. It brought you here and it made you who you are; but is this you at your fullest potential? Do you see love in everything? Is this your purpose? Ask questions. Notice the signs. Peel some layers off. Keep looking for love and when you’re ready it will show itself as everything you already are.

Una foto publicada por Rachel Brathen (@yoga_girl) el 11 de May de 2016 a la(s) 3:49 PDT

☀️ #sunday

Una foto publicada por Rachel Brathen (@yoga_girl) el 1 de May de 2016 a la(s) 11:37 PDT

Sus imágenes son todo inspiración y positivismo. Nada parece imposible para ella, incluso hacer yoga encima de una tabla de surf.

Extreme yoga!????? The kite surfers here in Aruba tend to get a little close to SUP yoga classes sometimes… #whoa #fly #kitesurf

Una foto publicada por Rachel Brathen (@yoga_girl) el 3 de May de 2016 a la(s) 12:37 PDT

Además, de increíbles imágenes de ella practicando yoga en paisajes espectaculares y hacernos creer que es mucho más fácil de lo que parece, en el Instagram de Rachel podemos encontrar un montón de vídeos explicativos, muy prácticos y amenos.

i • just • want • to • be • f r e e . #freedom

Un vídeo publicado por Rachel Brathen (@yoga_girl) el 6 de May de 2016 a la(s) 6:08 PDT

Si quieres babear más puedes seguirla en su cuenta de Instagram.

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Esta cuenta de Instagram nos demuestra que hacer yoga en la playa es más divertido que tostarse

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